Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The service is owned and operated by CV4U Limited Registered Company No. 9876543


The following are terms and conditions of the service products i.e. CV document, Letters (cover, targeted, speculation, enquiry), Social Media Profiles, Applications (i.e. forms support statements, online services) of CV4U.


Access to CV4U website is subject exclusively to its Terms and Conditions whereas the site will not be used for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited or contravene our Terms and Conditions. Use of the CV4U website will be deemed as an acceptance of the terms, conditions and disclaimers contained within.



    The terms and conditions of trade which are hereinafter set out constitute the offer of the seller, hereafter ‘CV4U’, to sell services to the Buyer, hereinafter ‘the Client’, and the Client accepts these terms and conditions as the terms and conditions upon which CV4U trades. No variation, waiver of, or addition to these Terms and Conditions shall be binding upon CV4U except insofar as such variation, waiver of or addition to these Terms and Conditions shall have been agreed in writing by both CV4U and the Client and signed on their behalf. No person in the employment or acting otherwise as agent of CV4U or purporting so to do has authority to accept orders, supply services on any other conditions or to vary these terms in any way, save as provided above. Acceptance of services from CV4U shall be conclusive evidence before any Court or arbitrator that these Terms and Conditions apply.


Services supplied to the Client shall meet our prescribed quality standards, if sold by description, conform with their description; if sold by sample, conform to the sample; if the purpose for which they are required is indicated in writing by the Client (i.e. to apply for a job vacancy) before CV4U accepts the Client’s order be reasonably fit for that purpose.


    No contract will exist between CV4U and the Client until a service order is agreed and accepted. It is the right of CV4U to refuse to accept a service order or terminate an order at any stage for reasons we see fit. CV4U will not be held liable if it does not accept an order, terminates an order early. It is totally within the discretion of CV4U whether to work with a client or not. CV4U retain the right to withdraw any services at any time.


Save as aforesaid CV4U gives no warrantee, promise whatsoever in relation to the services supplied. Although feedback indicates a very high success rate CV4U cannot guarantee that by using our services a client with be successful in obtaining an interview or the offer of employment. All warranties, conditions, representations or guarantees whatsoever in relation to the services, save as set out above, are hereby excluded. (a) The Client may by notice in writing to CV4U reject the service if CV4U fails to comply with its obligations under contract hereof if CV4U gives the Client notice in writing of such rejection within 28 days after delivery of the service to the Client and if in such notice rejection the Client specifies the reasons for such rejection. (b) In such case the Client shall thereafter return the rejected service to CV4U and CV4U shall within a reasonable time replace such rejected services with services which are in all respects in accordance with the contract. (c) If CV4U does not within a reasonable time replace the rejected services then CV4U shall repay to the Client any monies paid by the Client in respect of such rejected service. Our pricing structure maybe subject to change at any time prior to a contract being entered into and are subject to change without notice.


  1. Liability:
    Save as set out in clause II above CV4U shall be under no liability to the Client in respect of the services supplied to the Client under this contract, whether such liability arises by way of express or implied terms of this contract, if any, by way of misrepresentations as to the services, or otherwise howsoever whether in contract or in tort. Further CV4U’s liability in any event to the Client howsoever arising in respect of the supply of services to the Client shall in no circumstances exceed the value of the services supplied and CV4U shall in no circumstances be liable to the Client for any consequential losses whether of profit or of data or otherwise howsoever arising.


    Any and all documents i.e. CV, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles etc. that make up part of a service order will be dispatched usually by email (with some service hardcopies by post and backed-up on a USB device) to the client in the formats of  ‘Word’ and ‘PDF’. Please note where feedback from the client is slow (this constitutes an integral part of some services) this may delay when the final document is dispatched. Pro-longed delay of 10 working days or more will incur an additional charge of £30.


    CV4U will endeavour to meet your order within the stated time against each service. However, time for delivery of any services under this contract is not of the essence of this contract and the only liability of CV4U shall be to deliver the services within a reasonable time and if for any reason after the making of the contract CV4U shall not be able to deliver the services within a reasonable time, then CV4U may terminate this contract by giving notice in writing to the Buyer and thereafter be under no liability whatsoever to the Buyer under this contract. Orders to a specific deadline if earlier, need to be agreed in advance and may be subject to an additional cost.


Payments for all CV4U payable services are required to be paid advance and in full on receipt and acceptance of your order via our payment methods i.e. Debit or Credit Card, bank transfer, Pay Pal (we do not accept cash or cheques). To ensure the transaction is processed correctly and without problems, payments will be processed before commencement of work. Once the order is accepted and payment acknowledged in line with contract agreed an order cannot be cancelled or a refund given (this is because CV4U with commence work immediately utilizing resources and incurring expenses). Where a refund is proven necessary refunds will be credited to the original payment method i.e. card. Please note if you wish CV4U to amend documents i.e. CV, letters, Profile etc. to meet a different specification or layout, we are able to make amendments within one week after delivery to meet this requirement. We reserve the right to refuse such requests if we deem them unreasonable, later than a week or there is not a valid reason contrary to original contract for such a request.


CV4U will earnestly try to reschedule scheduled client sessions where requested by the client subject to a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. Where the scheduled session is due to take place and the client has not made contact CV4U will endeavour to contact the client using all means at our disposal i.e. Skype telephone, email, text etc. If all efforts are exhausted without success the client will have forfeited their

appointment and no refund will be offered. On that note CV4U will continue to work on completion of the service paid for (even where contact with the client is absent), however CV4U cannot guarantee the resulting documents will meet the usual high standards of quality.


    CV4U will protect the privacy of all users of our website. Any information collected by CV4U from clients will only be used to provide a service and no client information will be shared with other third party organisations unless permission is given. We may use your contact details to periodically send promotional emails about our services including special offers, research or other information which may be of interest. Clients may opt out of this at anytime by email or letter. Data recorded and retained by CV4U is done in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


  1. RISK:
    The services, the subject of this agreement by CV4U to sell at the risk of the Client as soon as they are delivered by CV4U to the Client. All documents completed by CV4U are solely based on the core information provided by the client. Albeit we allow for expanding on such information it is the responsibility of the client to ensure said information is true and accurate and in no way denigrates, offends, discriminates or defames or is otherwise unlawful in accordance with British law.

    Such services shall remain sole and absolute property of CV4U as legal and equitable owner until such time as the Client shall have paid to CV4U the agreed price of those services. Any and all ‘information, advice and guidance’ (IAG) provided by CV4U is given in ‘good faith’ and must be accepted on this basis. CV4U is not liable for any loss direct or indirect attributed IAG provided by CV4U.

    CV4U reserves to itself all and any copyright patent, trademark, registered design or otherwise in the material written in its Website and the services or goods supplied. On no count should any of our material be copied or used commercially or publically.

      This contract shall be subject to European and English Law. We reserve the right to update these T&Cs at anytime and continued use of the CV4U website constitutes acceptance of any change