Specialist Interim/Consultant CV

Specialist CV - £120.00

Aimed at Independent professionals, Free lancers, Contractors, Interim consultants etc. Unlike a Conventional CV this format directly advertises your unique services, skills and core competencies clearly set out to fit with the tender/role specification. CV4U will appoint an expert writer from an interim or start up background who specialise in this type of CV.


  • A Focused CV – independent working or those starting out on their own
  • Interim/Project/contract/Free-lance/One off jobs
  • Written by Interim CV Specialists
  • Highly specialized business like document written in the third person
  • Specifically focused to business area
  • Appeals to time short employers or contractors.
  • Offers at a glance comprehensive snaphot of skills, experience, strengths
  • Highlights your Unique Selling Points USP (key deliverables)
  • Evidenced achievements
  • Strong business pitch
  • Independent Professional profile
  • Strategically placed industry key words and phases

Frequently Asked Question

After a recent redundancy I would like to try and branch out and work for myself. Can CV4U help?

Yes! We will assign you to one of our specialist interim mentors who will work with you to create a ‘specialised CV’ written specifically for Interim/Project/contract/One off jobs. Rather than a long-winded CV this type of CV will be succinct and business like highlighting your most notable skills and competences, accrued evidenced achievements and USPs. The key difference is it will read as a business proposition rather than a usual CV.