Smart One Page Resume

Smart One Page Resume - £79.99

A smartly designed stand out ‘Single Pager’ resume with an innovative approach that ‘fronts up’ on your most pertinent skills, experience and strengths as well as accrued professional achievements on one side of a page. Provides a quick but powerful business-to-business like snapshot of you to recruiters particularly useful when distributing in volume or speculative approaches.


  • One page/special
  • Makes an immediate impact
  • A stand out highly visualized ‘jump off the page’ CV
  • Highly visualized business like document
  • Specifically focused to business area
  • Offers at a glance comprehensive snapshot of skills, experience, strengths appeals to time short interim recruiters.
  • Highlights your Unique Selling Points USP (key deliverables)
  • Short, sharp business pitch
  • Strategically placed industry key words and phases

Frequently Asked Question

What are the advantages of a ONE PAGE CV?
Sometimes less is more. Recruiters can be inundated with CVs especially when competition is high. A highly visual and targeted one page CV can jump out and provide at a glace and overview of you, your skills, your strengths and experience that closely fits with the role criteria.
What will be turnaround time for this service?
A turnaround of only 4 days