Recent Graduate/School Leaver CV

Recent Graduate/School Leaver CV - £85

Just graduated or finished school? Lets get you workplace ready! We will build a CV for you by focusing on educational excellence, work experience, achievements, voluntary or PT work, extra-curricular activities i.e. sport / hobbies that you are passionate about. Expert CV writers will capture your transferable skills and steer them towards the career path you want be it a job, an internship, apprenticeship or further studies UCAS.


  • Secured Interviews with Top City Blue Chip Organisations
  • Focuses on academic and personal achievements
  • Sport and extra-curricular activities
  • Part-time employment, Voluntary or charity work
  • Balanced and pitched at correct levels
  • Work placements
  • Uni applications UCAS
  • Experts in Apprenticeships / Internships / Graduate Apprenticeships
  • A turnaround of only 4 days

Frequently Asked Question

I have just left college do I need a CV?

You should have a CV no matter what stage of career you are at. It is a living tool and will evolve with your experience.

How can CV4U create a CV for me?

Our ‘Graduate/School leaver’ CVs are designed and written by our specialist in-house expert, previously a recruitment specialist who went on to be a Careers Advisor in a number of colleges and universities, most recently at UCL. She also has extensive experience of putting together UCAS applications as well as Internships, Apprenticeships and Higher Level Apprenticeships.

How else can CV4U assist recent grads or school leavers?

Other popular pathways many of our clients have enquired about are Internships, Apprenticeships and Higher Level Apprenticeships. Our team have a rich knowledge of how these schemes work and work with clients to support their applications i.e. CV, Application form and Personal Statements and in some cases filling out questionnaires.