Personal/Supporting Statement

Personal/Supporting Statement £115

Our skilled writers work with you to produce a strong ‘personal statement’ to support your application by addressing every aspect of the role description and showing exactly how, using examples you meet the criteria in full. We also help clients write bespoke PSs for other scenarios such as university applications, apprenticeships, internships, work experience, club membership etc.


  • A fully bespoke piece on you.
  • Strong impact making introduction and conclusion
  • Fit between your experience and the job role
  • Minimum 85% skills match
  • Match skills and qualifications with role specification
  • Build a pen-picture of you as a person
  • Written succinctly and coherently for the reader to follow
  • Saves you time - PSs are a time consuming task
  • Perfect grammar and spelling
  • PS for Apprenticeship or Internship application
  • PS for Work placements
  • PS Uni applications UCAS
  • A turnaround of only 4-5 days

Many Government and Public service jobs require a separate application (rather than a CV or sometimes with your CV) with a Personal (or Support) Statement. Tip: A good PS can also assist you to write a quality bespoke cover letter to send with your CV.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a Personal Statement?

Personal statements is a statement from you that builds a picture of you as a candidate and indicates how you meet the criteria of a specific role using evidenced examples (often part of an application form). It is also a platform to show how passionate or determined you are about the role.

Are PSs that important?

The PS is probably the most important element of the application form. Many HR practitioners claim that the use a PS to find reasons to reject candidates so some thought is needed when writing one. So succinct, coherent and not overly long!