Covering Letter

Covering Letter £20


  • Strong introduction
  • Tailored to each role
  • Engages employer
  • Letters for apprenticeships or Internships
  • Succinct and to the point
  • Keyword rich
  • A core bespoke letter that can be adapted for multiple roles.

Frequently Asked Question

Do I really need a separate letter?

Always include a cover letter with a CV or Application Form. Even if it is only a couple of lines long it shows a professional courtesy that will reflect well on you.

Why do I need a cover letter?

A cover letter (this could also be an introductory email) is an essential part of the application process in that it gives you the opportunity to announce yourself and invite the employer to read (usually your CV) about you, your experience and about the skills you can bring to them.

Apart from being polite can a letter do more?

Yes! A letter can help bridge any missing gaps in your application or set the context for your application particularly if you are looking to take on a different role.

How else can CV4U assist?

Other popular pathways many of our clients have enquired about are Internships, Apprenticeships and Higher Level Apprenticeships. Our team have a rich knowledge of how these schemes work and work with clients to support their applications i.e. CV, Application form and Personal Statements and in some cases filling out questionnaires.