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Power Profile: (Linked-In) - £69.99

A 'Power Profile' for social media presence professionally written to enhance both your personal and professional brand. Your ‘Profile’ will be produced to a calibre appropriate for use by professional people on Linked-In or other major social networking platforms to showcase your particular skills and services. We at CV4U believe that even with a little targeted effort we can help you stand out from the crowd, without the need to pay for a premium package. We can show you how you can let Linked-In do all the hard work by using its existing features and to build a powerful profile (in other words the ‘tricks’ you need to know). From something as simple as making your name work harder for you to things like to how to get the most from your photo and the reasons why you should edit often, setting out your experience, what you should include and how often you should review it, listing and reordering your skill-set, looking at possible ‘add ons’ that can bring another layer to your profile and how to work your ‘viewed list’ and even ‘interests’ to generate like-minded contacts, we will provide every client with a ‘Top Ten Tips’ guide on how to get the best out of LinkedIn. The first thing to understand is that a Linked-In profile is not just an expanded version of the personal profile on top of your CV; it is much more than that. It is a means of:


  • boosting your individual presence online
  • building a distinctive brand
  • linking up with fellow professionals or complementary businesses
  • accessing your target audiences
  • updating your timeline with real-time activity/changes i.e. letting your network know your current work project is coming to an end and you will soon be available to take on a new contract.

Frequently Asked Question

Why is a Linked-In profile important?
A professional Linked-In profile: There are 277million professionals signed up to LinkedIn, by the time you’ve read this sentence another 20 will have joined. It’s not because they are all desperate to find a job or change careers. It’s become a real-time networking site. Many users of platforms such as LinkedIn spend serious time and money cultivating a ‘Profile’ to connect to thousands of like-minded businesses, professionals and recruiters.
What will be turnaround time for this service?
A turnaround of only 3 Working days