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This is just a cross sample of some of the questions asked of us. Hopefully these will provide you with the answers you seek about CV4U and our services but if you don’t see an answer to any query you have here then please contact us and one of our friendly support staff will be glad to help.

Can CV4U guarantee I’ll find a job?

Naturally we’d like to boast that 100% of those we have worked with have all been successful in finding work, but we can’t claim this. However, we can say with some certainty that none of our clients have expressed dissatisfaction with the advice we’ve given or any documents we produced for them or the outcome achieved. Our track record is excellent, and our drive is solely to help you into the job you want but please feel free to read our testimonials.

What will a CV makeover from CV4U do?

A quality CV will promote you and your skills and catch the attention of modern employers, in what is a rapidly changing recruitment scene out there.

What if I’m not happy with the service or CV I have received.

If you wish to complain about any aspect of our service please contact us in the first instance and we will deal directly with the issue immediately. Our promise to our clients is to guarantee that they will be fully satisfied* with any document before we sign it off. That is why we will give every client a ‘window’ to examine a draft document, make any corrections or amendments necessary to ensure they are happy with the final version. Only when its approved by the candidate will we produce the completed document.

Hi I am from Singapore can I avail of your services here?

Yes! No problem at all. Indeed many of our clients are from different countries. CV4U works globally with clients from Europe, North Americas, South Americas, Middle East, Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Antipodeans. Please see our testimonials.

‘I work in engineering, quite a specialist role. Can CV4U help me?

CV4U have a wide and diverse array of HR and recruitment professionals for all sectors working with us. Many of our experts are independent interims and have worked across all industries including Construction, Engineering, Creative Industries, Health and Care, Home Help Services, Financial Services, Public/Civil Service (including local Government), Logistics, Marine, Legal, Leisure and Tourism, Aviation, Academic (Universities, Schools, Colleges), Media, Marketing, Communications, PR & Social Media, Information Technology (IT), Third Sector (Charity and Voluntary) etc, etc.

How long do I need to wait until I get my CV

This will usually depend on the service you chose. In the most part a turn-around time of 3 – 5 working days is the norm. Some of our more comprehensive packages may take up to 10 working days. We pride ourselves on quality and excellence and will never compromise this by rushing a job unnecessarily. However, if you need your CV quickly we can reallocate our resources to prioritise this. A small additional fee will be charged to facilitate this.

what happens if my documents become corrupted…do you have a copy

We have built up a backup library of all our clients’ documents and keep them a minimum of 18 months. This is to ensure we can provide copies to clients should they be needed. Also if a precious client wishes to work with us again at a later date holding a previous record of their CV will be of benefit to us. Past clients will be given a loyalty discount of 20% when re using our service. **(a 10% discount is also available (based on cost of chosen service) to both new and existing clients (this can be paid as a cash equivalent for the referring client) for recommended referrals to CV4U). Please note: records are strictly kept in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and are only for CV4U’s use.

I know my job inside and out how can CV4U do better than me?

Applicants may have a great knowledge of their own field but when it comes to recruitment, the processes and vetting techniques now in play mean things are much more nuanced and require a particular insight and set of skills to navigate. CV4U, however, can provide this by keeping an eye to the changing recruitment marketplace.

Do you offer career guidance and advice?

CV4U offers bespoke one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions with one of our professional career and behavioural coaches via Skpye, Face-time and other social media platforms. Areas covered include assistance with job search, Interview training, motivational techniques. Please see our services for details.

Is it possible to meet in person rather than by phone or on social media.

Many of our clients are more often than not quite some distance from our offices in London and Dublin, indeed many are from overseas so meeting face-to-face is not usually practical. However, if a client is based in or close to (or can travel to) where we are based then we can make an arrangement to meet with one of our coaching professionals in person. Please note an additional charge will apply, please contact us and ask for details.

How do I pay and do I pay after or before I receive my CV

We ask all our clients to pay in advance once an order is received and accepted by us. This is normal practice simply due to the fact that we will begin to redirect and utilise our resources straight away to meet your requirements and get you job ready as quickly as possible. Please see our payment methods on our services page.

How can CV4U help me to apply for work?

We are ready to help you present your application – whether this is a formal job application or a speculative approach – in the way that ticks the right boxes for potential employers. What do we mean by ‘the right boxes’? It’s about bringing two sides together. Here’s a typical scenario: on one hand you have a time poor employer/recruiter with a pressing recruitment ‘question’. On the other, there is, you, our client, who holds the ‘answer’. Part of our job, based on years of experience – and feedback from our team of employment experts, is to know what boxes need ticking, and how to do so, to make you stand out as the ‘answer’ clearly and effectively, saving time for both sides when it comes to the whole process.

Can’t anyone with a reasonable grasp of English write a CV ?

Fair question! But there are two issues here. Firstly, the world of recruitment is constantly changing. The use of professional recruiters and new ways of assessing and vetting applicants are coming on stream all of the time. All of this means that, though you may know how write a CV perfectly well, there are hurdles that one has to contend with that are very often outside of most peoples’ own areas of expertise. The selection process today is much more nuanced and requires a particular insight and set of skills to navigate. This is our role – to keep abreast of the changing nature of workplace recruitment and to guide you through the maze, making things as simple and efficient as possible.

3-4 day wait for my new-look CV. Why so long?

The answer to this usually comes down to matching CV content with a role description…..No matter how similar, no two jobs are exactly the same. Most CV writing services will produce a standard model CV, usually in a chronological format that, although written well enough will, tend to be too ‘rigid’. A ‘one size fits all’, if you like. The problem with this is that a candidate will need to spend an inordinate amount of time rewriting the CV or ‘tweaking’ it (often altering the very structure the CV), to try to best match the particulars of any given job. Sound familiar? OK, to be fair, it’s probably doable – if you only are applying for that ONE job. But doing it repetitively – for every new vacancy – is probably a stretch, even for the most dedicated of jobseeker. CV4U spend the time to save you time. Our CVs are uniquely designed in a way that can be seamlessly transformed at a moments notice to fit any role

Why pick CV4U as opposed to other CV sites?

Unlike other sites ALL of our coaching and writing staff are professionally accredited (CIPD, CDI, ILM, QCF etc) in all the relevant qualifications needed to interpret your career needs with the requirements of the recruitment sector. The Team also bring with them a huge wealth of knowledge and experience from a broad range of industries, business start ups and niche sectors so you will be matched to a Coach who knows your career area and its workings.

What is your pricing structure? Can I get it cheaper elsewhere?

CV4U are keen to ensure that our pricing is set at a fair and reasonable level to that of comparable professionally accredited sites. Many CV sites oversell way too many ‘by products’ that are often just extensions of their core services, which we consider excessive - and quite unnecessary (and often expensive – the quoted price is low but these add-on’s all add up). Here at CV4U we aim to keep it simple! - We pride ourselves on been able to offer these ‘add-ons’ as part of our core service (so no additional charges). Of course you may find cheaper elsewhere but beware, don’t be taken in! Remember the old adage ‘you get what you pay for!’, commonly a ‘cut n paste’ job by unqualified people. With CV4U you are buying the extensive ‘skills, qualifications and experience’ that are relevant to the recruitment sector and people who are trained in how to assess your needs as an individual to help you successfully navigate it.

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