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About Our Company

We have been writing winning CVs for over decades now

In that time we’ve helped up to 7500 people and their careers at all levels – from those starting out to new graduates, from CEOs and senior executives to leading academics or those in the cutting-edge hi-tech and scientific communities. It is a huge and diverse range but all of them have one thing in common: matching the right candidate and their unique skills, accomplishments and outlook to the best employment opportunities. During our time you might say we’ve learned a thing or two about what works. When it comes to putting your best foot forward on paper, to grabbing the attention of employers in a competitive environment, to landing that coveted interview, and ultimately, the job that represents that next step on your career journey, CV4U has the expertise and know how to help you on your way. No matter what your situation, be it seeking new employment or advancement, dealing with redundancy, returning to the workplace or moving into a completely new sector, you will benefit from the considerable knowledge we have accumulated over the years.


It is a particularly shocking fact that 95% of CVs received are binned within seconds of receipt! So many missed opportunities and a wasteful loss of exceptional talent for employers and sadly, so preventable!  Why? Because in 99.9% of cases it is just down to a poorly written or presented CV, which is quickly picked out and discarded (especially with the onset computer analytics).  It is strangely ironic that people who endeavoured in life to develop themselves, spent years studying and qualifying and worked so hard to build up their skills and experience, then put so little time or thought into the one tool necessary to ‘showcase’ it all! A quality CV....and that’s a real pity because it’s no one’s fault! When applying for anything in life most of us are simply set in our ways, conditioned to blindly follow traditional ‘rules’ and as a result end up with a CV that is uninspiring and will do nothing for them. Little doubt they are dedicated and highly skilled people but not everyone is a natural born salesperson! And a CV is primarily a sales document designed to sell you, your unique set of skills and competences.

It just makes perfect sense to invest in it and get it right.


What sets CV4U apart from the rest

✓ Experts with their ‘fingers on the pulse’ on what employers want in a candidate.
✓ A CV right for the job you want, aesthetically pleasing that packs a real visual punch.
✓ Career counselling that combines labour market research and complex people psychological theory.
✓ Follows both the CIPD and CDI Codes of Practices for career guidance professionals.
✓ All documents in Word or PDF format.
✓ Transparent Pricing: one astute investment – no hidden or unexpected charges!
✓ Clients recognise the benefits, so we never use manipulative or pressure sales tactics.
✓ Friendly follow up care and support available to all clients via email or phone.
✓ Our clients think we do a great job. In our most recent survey, 98% of our clients said that they would highly recommend CV4U to others.

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Applicant Tracking System


Sending out a CV but getting nowhere? According to new research around 75% of CVs never even make it in front of the hiring manager, as they fall foul of a computer system that weeds out applicants. Technology known as the ‘Applicant Tracking System’ ATS is used by most recruiters hiring online. CVs are simply thrown out by ATS, ‘Computer Says No!’ so to speak. This can be easily overcome if you know how. The key is to understand that the system is set up to catch strategically placed keywords and crucial phrases and that is why the content and format of your CV is so important.