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A Professionally Written CV =...
A Professionally Written CV = ...

Professional Career Coaching and CV Development

Candidate Empowerment

We deliver a high quality career service together
with a CV document that is ‘competency based’, professionally designed and written.

We deliver a high quality career service together
with a CV document that is ‘competency based’, professionally designed and written.

We deliver a high quality career service together
with a CV document that is ‘competency based’, professionally designed and written.

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About CV4U

A dynamic team of creative Career Coaches and CV development experts

Investing in You - Because First Impressions Count

A new job, career transition, promotion no matter at what Level -
we are here to help.

  • a high quality CV that is ‘competence based’
  • a professionally designed and written CV that generate results.
  • build a unique social media brand with a ‘Power Profile’
  • your own dedicated coach to look after your individual need.
  • fast and efficient! a speedy turnover so you can get right to it!
  • satisfaction guaranteed - a truly impressive new look CV!
Working Process

Our Working Process

Understand precise client requirements and begin to gather information
Collate information
begin scoping review
Select content & design layout:
produce a draft of
new look CV
Only when client is completely satisfied and CV approved - sign off
Our career services are ideal for
  • Middle to senior level professionals
  • Recently out of work due to a job redundancy
  • Career changers
  • Promotions
  • Specialised roles
  • Job returners
  • Independent consultants
  • New entrants i.e new graduates or school leavers

Why Choose Us?

As we see it, our clients hold the answer to someone else’s recruitment challenge – and that is key to our relationship with you. Surely there’s more to it than that? Well, maybe just a bit – but that’s where we do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to!


We at CV4U take a unique approach when dealing with this very real conundrum. Our career and recruitment specialists will design CVs in a way that can be easily adapted to match any role, irrespective of its complexity (without having to undermine the document’s structure or content). This inbuilt flexibility will allow the candidate to quickly transform a ‘core’ CV into a targeted one by means of interchangeable words or phases; a kind of bespoke, ‘fill in the blanks’ template, to put it in a perhaps over-simple way. But one that has been very strategically designed! To the employer it will read as a seamlessly drafted document that flows as if written for their specific vacancy only, and no other. When we send you your finished documents our coaches will instruct you in how best to utilise this ‘inbuilt flexibility’ to maximise results.


To deliver to you a high quality CV document that is ‘competency based’*, professionally designed and written, that will promote you in the best possible light to recruiters, leading with your unique profile, highlighting your skills and strengths and showcasing your accrued professional achievements. Our CVs do not follow the lazy traditional layout of regurgitating meaningless dates and job titles and repetitive role tasks (often resembling a book appendage). CV4U CVs* are ‘competency lead’. An innovative approach that ‘fronts up’ on the most relative information to your career level and aligns with the roles you’re applying for.

OUR PROMISE - A CV that will open doors!

Our commitment to you:
We will use every expertise at our disposal to provide you with a professional CV (and other documents) that will glean positive results i.e. attract the attention of recruiters, generate positive enquiries from employers and win interviews.
Delivering satisfaction:
CV4U will never sign off its work unless ‘YOU’ are completely satisfied with your new CV that portrays the ‘real’ you and your achievements the way you want it to.
Fast, proficient, business-like service:
We deliver a fast and efficient turnaround, usually three but no more than five working days (depending on the service ordered) from initial inquiry to finished article.

See Some Facts

Quality and Excellence is our Standard


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can CV4U guarantee I’ll find a job?

Naturally we’d like to boast that 100% of those we have worked with have all been successful in finding work but we can’t claim this. However, we can say with some certainty that none of our clients have expressed dissatisfaction with the advice we’ve given or any documents we produced for them or the outcome achieved*. Our track record is excellent and our drive is solely to help you into the job you want but please feel free to read our testimonials.

How long do I need to wait until I get my CV?

This will usually depend on the service you choose. In the most part a turn-around time of 3 – 5 working days is the norm. Some of our more comprehensive packages may take a bit longer up to 10 working days. We pride ourselves on quality and excellence and will never compromise this by rushing a job unnecessarily. However, if you need your CV quickly we can reallocate our resources to prioritise this. A small additional fee will be charged to facilitate this.

What if I’m not happy with the service or CV I have received?

If you wish to complain about any aspect of our service please contact us in the first instance and we will deal directly with the issue immediately. Our promise to our clients is to guarantee that they will be fully satisfied* with any document before we sign it off. That is why we will give every client a ‘window’ to examine a draft document, make any corrections or amendments necessary to ensure they are happy with the final version. Only when its approved by the candidate will we produce the completed document.


A member of our team will get in touch with you shortly.


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